How to Make an Informed Decision of Private Tuition

With a growing number of public schools and private subscription schools struggling to survive in today’s economic climate, more and more concerned parents are turning to private tutoring as a more affordable option to meet their child’s academic needs in the subject they are dealing with. However, finding the right private tutor can be very difficult if you don’t know where to look or what to look for. So what are the available options?

Private tutor

Many private tutors can be found in local newspapers, directories and on the Internet. However, it will be your responsibility to ask to see their credentials and a valid Criminal Bureau Examination (CRB), which all reputable tutors must have. Many parents find private tutors through personal recommendations, so check with friends and other parents at the school.

Private Agencies

Private Agencies should reduce your pressure to find a tutor, by doing the work for you. Any reputable agency, will have strict screening procedures, so you can be sure that your chosen tutor is qualified/experienced to offer lessons in the specific subject you need and has a valid CRB.


All private tutors and agencies set their own fees, but here are approximate guidelines:

Elementary Tuition £20-25

GCSE tuition fee £24-28

A’ Level tuition fee £25-30

Study from your home

If you have requested lessons from your home, then the tutor will need an area to teach successfully, such as a dining room or kitchen if you have a desk in it. It is advisable to leave the room door open and close to you as this will calm both your child and the tutor.

Tuition fees from tutor’s house

If tuition has to be paid from the tutor’s home it is advisable to stay on site but that is a personal decision you, as a parent, have to make based on how much you know about tutors etc… If you are going to leave your child then I would suggest that you stay for the first few sessions until you are sure of the arrangements.

Timeframe for results

This is difficult to estimate, as it all depends on the results of your child’s assessment and how much support they need. Most clients ask for tuition of one hour per week and therefore if your child needs maximum support to bring them to an acceptable level then tuition may be required for a full academic year, remember it is only one hour per week. However, if your child’s assessment shows only the minimal support needed, then improvement may be seen within two or three months.

In conclusion, the time frame for results depends on the level of support required and how many hours of tuition per week you can comfortably afford.