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Elemantra Consultancy Group CEO Shares His Secrets to Successful Career Development

Today’s guest post is written by Alissa Corto of Panorama Education, a company that provides educators with research-based, job-embedded professional development to increase collaboration and improve the outcomes for students with special needs.

Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Osman is a successful CEO. As CEO, starting out as an educator has taught Dr Elmi Zulkarnain everything about what drives people. His small company has sucessfully grown into a group of companies that is operating in a myriad of industries under one corporate group called Elemantra Consultancy Group (Singapore).

Elemantra Consultancy has controlling stakes in subsidiary companies that conducts corporate training, event management,  team building, media publishing and education related businesses in Singapore. I first met Dr Elmi when he came to Boston University for a master’s degree.

We are interested on how an educator like you started an Event Management company. What’s your story?

It all started during my university days where I was inspired by how international events were organised. I knew I was going to be a good teacher but I also wanted to make a difference in the event industry. After I left the public service, I gathered some people and that’s how Elemantra Consultancy came about. Today, I am proud to say that we’ve made it into an awesome 20-member team and is now expanding across 3 different countries – Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

What excites you most about the Event Management industry?

The feeling of building something out of nothing; going from zero to a hundred and a hundred to thousands. We take empty spaces and turn them into memorable experiences for the public. Crafting that journey for people and seeing the wide smiles on their faces once our events are done, or before it even starts, makes it all so worth it.

What’s your connection to Asia?

I’m a born and bred Singaporean, a very proud one. Elemantra has the advantage of being able to grow in Asia strategically because of our team’s extensive knowledge of the local sphere.

Favourite city in Asia for business and why?

Singapore. It has a lot of potential and so many people in the same industry want to work together to create win-win situations for everyone. Business talk aside, the people are lovely and the food is wonderful too!

What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?

The best advice I’ve ever received and I would like to share with everyone else, would be that you should never think that you know everything. Even after being in the industry for many years, there’s still plenty for me to learn and absorb. We have to constantly innovate our brands in order to keep up with the times. Many businesses fail simply because they think they know everything.

Who inspires you?

No one else inspires me more than books do. To me, books are the greatest source of inspiration.

What have you just learnt recently that blew you away?

How the whole world of private equity and venture capitalist works. We are ready for expansion and I totall understand how this industry works. It is a whole lot of numbers and negotiations and I’m looking forward to applying what I’ve learned into Elemantra’s future projects.

If you had your time again, what would you do differently?

I would’ve definitely chosen my team more carefully. Any business in any industry is always about its people. I’m so thankful and am glad to say that we now have an extraordinary group of talented and passionate people across 3 countries.

How do you unwind?

Reading and writing short ghost stories. I’ve been a huge fan of short stories for as long as I can remember. I have tonnes of anthology of short ghost stories back at home that it takes up a whole room! Reading them really helps my brain shut off for a while and allows me to take a breather as I travel into these imaginary worlds of made up characters. It’s like directing your own movie in your head.

How can people connect with you?

Email me!

I’m online 24/7, my email is [email protected]

Twitter handle?

You can follow and tweet me at @elmizulkarnain

Tips To Prepare IEP Meeting

Before the Team Meeting – Prior to the team meeting, write down a bullet list of all issues and questions you want to make sure get discussed at the meeting. Make a list of your concerns, vision, and child’s strengths. Provide the school with all private evaluation results 10 school days before the meeting. And request copies of any of the evaluation reports that the school has conducted. You should ask in writing to get them 48 hours prior to the meeting.

At the Team Meeting – During the team meeting there will be lots of information provided by the teachers, specialists, and service providers. Try to bring someone with you who can take notes as you ask questions and respond to the information you are given. You may be provided with a draft IEP to review and make changes to. Don’t be afraid to request to change anything you feel is not appropriate on the IEP. Your input is extremely important. No one knows your child like you do. It is supported by the law that you should be included and be an integral part of the process of creating the IEP for your child.

After the Team Meeting – You will receive the final proposed IEP and must respond within 30 days. You have three options when responding. You can accept the proposed IEP in full, reject in full, or reject in part. I would not recommend rejecting in full as this provides nothing to the student. If you reject in part or reject missing or insufficient provisions, then the accepted portions should be implemented immediately. Remember, what is provided to your child is what they need, not what you want or what is best. As parents and advocates, we always strive to get what’s best, but the law supports what is needed. If you don’t feel that your child is getting what they need, request additional special education evaluations and assessments. If you are not satisfied with the school’s assessment, you can request an IEE or Independent Educational Evaluation at no cost to you.

Product of Technology for Schools – School Websites

The development of information technology, especially internet technology, has become a necessity of life for people throughout the world. Are you aware that when you search for everything you need the power of internet? The internet has actually become a personal assistant who is always ready to show any way how to get things easily. In essence, humans do not want to be limited when they want something, and the answer to break through those limits is internet technology.

One of the human needs that are always sought through cyberspace is education. Everyone will access the school or colleges website to find all information such as registration schedules, student admissions, school programs, curriculum, extracurricular programs, teacher competencies teaching, school achievements, education fees and many others. Therefore, the school website is very necessary; all schools that implement good educational management must use the school website to bridge between the community and school organizations. Well, the question is how to design the web for schools or colleges so that it is easy to be accepted and easily accessed by everyone? The answer is to work with experts in school web design.

School websites are becoming a trend in the world of education today. Schools will be considered left behind and unprofessional if they do not have interactive and attractive school websites. This is the basis for the emergence of various school website management services on the internet. This service is carried out by experts in school website design to help schools recruit more students and strengthen the position of schools in the community so that it will always be the first choice for students in their area. In addition, students can also make the school website as a learning medium such as accessing subject matter in an unlimited way, running tests on teaching questions to hone skills, channeling creations, and seeing the latest information from school.

I think, there is no reason for educational organizations to reject the existence of a school website today. Education must go hand in hand with technological advancements. One indicator of school progress related to technology applications is having a school website. The school website is a product of technology that will help develop schools, both in terms of the quality of students, teachers and to build intensive communication with parents.

There are many school web design services on the internet today; they are present as marketing partners that focus on the client in this case are all educational institutions. It is very important for educational institutions to select school web design services, this is important so that schools really find the best, reliable, and professional services. Professional school web design services provide education marketing experts; they are committed to building school progress for decades. To prove their professionalism, you can also see how many clients have collaborated with school web design companies.

Tips and Tricks of Online Education

On a positive note, you are not the first student to face this kind of decision, which means that by investigating properly you will find many tips and individuals that can help you. Discuss with your friends and family, do research online and in the library and, most importantly, try to see the school locations that you might think of. This is not as important as online schools, but if you want a geographical location, then you want to visit.

With online degree programs, you will want to look into the accreditation of the university. A physical college usually has achieved some kind of recognition, and you can easily determine if your degree will be respected. However, online degree programs can mask their bad standing behind an Internet wall, so to speak, so accreditation is vital.

Accreditation is extremely important with online degree programs because prospective employers will look at it to know that your schooling is recognized by the United States Department of Education. Regardless of whether you are looking at physical offline schools or web-based schools, be sure that it fits in line with your long term education ambitions. Should you ever choose to transfer, then you’ll want to ensure that your credits will transfer.

With online degree programs, you can start when you choose. Alternatively, a campus college has established course times and enrollment periods. This requires that you set a period of time aside to go to the campus and take the course. On the other hand, in an internet course, it is possible to take the class when you have a free spot of time.

Convenience may be a large factor anytime people are choosing between bricks-and-mortar institutions and internet based colleges. It’s important to think about the time it would take to go to and from the actual campus, whether you have enough time to spend on a scheduled course schedule. Online degree programs still require you complete things on a schedule, so do not believe you can slack off and then finish whenever you choose.

No matter whether you are looking at physical campus schools or online degree programs, you can find what suits you the best if you take enough time to do your research. If you base your final decision exclusively on cost, you’ll end up let down with the caliber of schooling.

The choice for where you want to go to college is definitely a time-intensive choice, but a choice with extraordinary rewards and benefits. If you decide between going to a web-based institution versus a physical campus, check your finances, your available time and what programs benefit you most.

Distance Education

With the advancement of information technology, more and more people get the full benefit of distance learning. In fact, people who cannot complete their studies due to some unavoidable circumstances can now get their bachelor’s degree without having to resign or give up their current job. Distance learning is a new way to obtain bachelor’s degrees and even doctoral degrees without having to attend formal school. People can skip the subjects needed to get the degree they want just by getting brochures and learning material by mail or through electronic methods. Fully completing a distance learning program, however, is not that easy and requires the same dogged determination and persistence, as with any schooling program. Therefore, for people who would like to earn their degree through distance learning easily and without too much hassle, here are some tips to guide you through:

1. Decide And Assess Yourself

– Distance learning is not for everyone who wishes to avail of its services
– In many cases, it can provide flexibility and ease of obtaining the much-needed degree
– But for some, it could mean boring methods and procedures and wearisome learning
– Ideal for those who can study independently in a self-directed manner
– Good for those who do not like interacting with a professor

2. Check Your Mailbox Daily, Electronic Or Otherwise

Distance learning is a continuous learning process. This means that the learning materials that you will need and your assignments or projects will be sent through mails, electronically or through snail mail. So it is best if you always check your mailbox every single day or even multiple times per day. There may be instances where missing a single day of checking your mailbox could mean tons of missed projects or work.

3. Flexibility Should Never Be Equaled With Laxness

Getting flexible schedule does not mean that you have to be lax on your studies. Being flexible on your class schedule would mean that it is up to you how or when you will study. Therefore, in order to succeed and finish your degree as soon as possible, it is best that you organize your schedule, those that concern your work, your family (if any), and your class schedule. It is just a matter of time management. Keep in mind that it is best if you will always set a regular time for your study. In this way, you will never have to worry about getting all things mixed up.

4. Find A Quiet Place To Study

Because you will be entirely on your own when getting a degree through distance learning, it is best that you find a quiet place to do your homework or review your lessons. In this way, you will be able to ponder on things that needed more attention without having to worry about any distractions.

5. Reading Is Comprehension, Not Memorizing

When you read, it would be better to understand the text and subject matter thoroughly instead of memorizing them. In distance learning, memorization is a useless technique. What matters most in distance learning is that you understand the subject matter thoroughly and that you can easily grasp the meaning of the text given to you.

6. Improve Your Communication Skills

There are people who are having more difficulty in talking to other people through the microphone or the conference call than speaking in public. They contend that not seeing the other person is more difficult to deal with than talking to them face to face. These people insist that they could not see whether the other person is satisfied with the answers or not. In distance learning, corrections can be made for people who are having difficulty regarding this matter.

Remember to pay attention to the instructions given and listen attentively. Try to combine some, if not all, of these tips and you will definitely complete your degree easily. Remember that distance learning is not an easy alternative to studying or getting a degree. This is only an option for those who do not have time to go to formal school.

Detect Plagiarism in Code and Textual

There are many interpretations of plagiarism; they are the dissemination, development, and achievement of new forms without going through legal procedures. Illegal procedures mean unauthorized retrieval of data, files, documents, and programming code. Plagiarism has mushroomed in various fields such as research, art, software development, and education. The world of education has become a wetland for plagiarism of data. Students can take data and files freely on the internet to complete assignments without understanding them and make some changes to the style of language, writing, code, etc.

In the world of education, plagiarism is very easy for students to do so this becomes a serious challenge for teachers or lecturers. Well, indeed checking the originality of assignments both text and code can be done manually, but are they able to do it to hundreds of students? I think, if they do it manually then the results of the assessment will not be perfect. All teachers and lecturers should use tools to help them; they can use online plagiarism checkers for types of data such as documents, reports, essays, scientific papers, etc., and online code checker for source code.

Broadly speaking there are two types of plagiarism carried out in the world of education, they are textual plagiarism and source code plagiarism. If you have copied a document or essay then that includes textual plagiarism. Whereas the source code plagiarism is usually associated with producing or copying part or all of the programming code from the source code. If students are more clever in plagiarism both text and source code, the teacher should be smarter and more thorough in checking originality. This means, educators must leave the manual method when checking assignments and replace them with more effective ways, namely using a plagiarism checker for code or others tools. I strongly recommend using the plagiarism checker code to combat the action of plagiarism; in the modern world plagiarism techniques continue to emerge, this makes it possible to copy from online resources. Check for code plagiarism is present to simplify the work of educators; they do not need to enter a few lines of a work into the search engine.

Plagiarism detection tool is a solution for educators both for text plagiarism and code plagiarism. This tool has very strict requirements for the authenticity of a data. Source code plagiarism occurs when a student reuses source code written by someone else, intentionally or unintentionally, so that it recognizes it as his own assignment. Recognition of other people’s duties as personal property is clearly an academic violation, this violation can occur intentionally or not. Therefore, as an honest student, these rules must be understood.

Main Reason Use Self Storage Services

There are many reasons why people decide to use self storage services. This service may sound familiar to most people, but for those of you who prefer to live in a rented house, maybe self storage can provide many benefits. These benefits include creating more room to live, keeping space cluttered, and keeping the room neat.

Well, here are some of the main reasons why someone chooses to use self storage services.

Selling a House – When you are going to sell a house, you will find a variety of messy items everywhere. If the house has a garage or warehouse then it will not be a problem, but if you do not have a storage room, the scattered items will spoil the view of your home and eventually the value of your home will fall in the eyes of buyers. Don’t let a real estate agent judge you as a messy homeowner.

The best step is to remove some of the messy and excess items around the house so that your house looks more presentable. This will help create an illustration that there is more living space and create a good impression on your prospective buyers. The safest storage area is self storage; this storage space is great for storing valuables for a while. Some self storage facilities provide removal solutions too. Self storage agents will take items from your home and store them, and then they will send them when needed to your new home. This is a service that makes your work easier, right? You don’t need to package, bring, and bring back to a new home; there is a special agent who does it.

Renovating Houses – Renovating a house is the process of overhauling, renewing, rejuvenating, repairing, or perfecting structures or shapes, or providing additional design to buildings. When you update most of your home’s facilities, where do you keep your old things? Is it in the living room? Is it in the warehouse? Is it in the garage? I don’t think those rooms will be able to accommodate your old things. Valuables require secure storage space for a while until renovations are complete, storing them in your own room increases the risk of damage, and therefore self storage is present for solutions. With self storage, it is even possible to store all property items with special arrangements.

Divorce – Actually, I don’t want to include this reason in this article. However, when we are in a divorce condition, it is very important to keep the items distributed from our spouse. Divorce means you or your spouse must leave the house and go to a new home with grief and you cannot bring all valuables yourself; self storage service helps to carry and store all of your belongings temporarily until you find a new home. Various divorce items that can be stored include cars, household goods, boats, antique lamps, and many more.

Traveling – Self storage is the easiest way to store things safely while you are away. When you are traveling with the whole family for a long time, the subordinate’s belongings will disrupt your activities during the trip. I mean, you will be confused to store them safely; if you use a self storage service, the agent will take the items and send them to the self storage facility.

Not all countries have the best and reliable self storage services; you can find the best services in Dubai at Regarding your trip abroad, the packing service will greatly help you, because the goods will be moved to international destinations via shipping or air transportation, they pack the goods in special containers that can be loaded directly. Self storage services help you take care of everything from the process of moving, packaging and storing.

Those are some of the reasons why someone has to work with self storage services. Companies usually provide three main services, namely packing services, moving services and storage services. Everyone can use the three services to ease work when moving house, traveling, renovating a house, divorcing, selling a house, etc.

Ancient Greece History

A teacher must have joy when showing the class syllabus to student guardians. The syllabus explains all activities or projects that will be carried out for a year in class together with students. One of the subjects that must be planned well by the teacher is History. History teachers must be able to relate the past to current events in class using a number of methods such as music, field trips, videos, etc. There is a lot of ancient history in this world that can be used as material in teaching in class, choosing the right historical material will attract students to absorb all the material provided by the teacher.

One of the ancient history materials that are worth giving to students is ancient Greece; ancient greece project ideas are a smart choice because the history of ancient Greece has valuable historical value. Ancient Greek history provides valuable learning that can be linked to present life. There are many projects that can be studied such as the Ancient Olympics, Socrates, City State Politics, The Story of the Gods, Seeing Greek Landmarks, etc.

First of all, you can introduce the famous story of Socrates as the Father of Modern Philosophy. His life story can be a very interesting lesson; Socrates was an ordinary person and very simple. Every day he walked barefoot around the city of Athens coming to the people to discuss philosophy. Socrates was known as the wisest man in the whole city of Athens, but he never considered himself wise.

Discussion is a learning method that is always applied by Socrates, this method is still popular today and it is applied in schools or other institutions. Socrates preferred to understand about social phenomena, human behavior, social politics and political ethics of state and this is what makes Socrates different from other idol figures. The teacher can create a discussion group in class and guide students to use their knowledge of philosophy in discussion.

Another interesting and famous think throughout the world is the story of the ancient Greek gods. Well, indeed not all Greek myths are suitable for children, the Teacher who is responsible for sorting and choosing interesting material so that it has a positive impact on all students.

Most Greek gods are depicted as humans, born but never old, immune to anything, can be invisible, and each god has its own characteristics. Therefore, the gods also have title names for each character, which may be more than one. These gods sometimes help humans and even establish love relationships with humans who bear children, who are half demigods. These children became known as heroes.

Greek mythology contains a collection of myths and legends about gods and heroes. Modern historians study Greek mythology to know the political, religious, and civilizing conditions in Ancient Greece, and to gain an understanding of the formation of myths. The history of drama and Greek myths can provide a clear understanding of how culture builds its ideas.

There is a lot of ancient Greek history that is very interesting, they can be used as learning material in class to build students’ interest in world history; a Greece cruise is something you’ll never forget, their cultural values ​​are able to provide valuable lessons to students in various fields such as politics, state administration, mythology, and sports.

Associated with knowledge of sports, the first Olympics began in the city of Olympia; the ancient Greek Society organized a sports competition which all citizens participated in honoring their highest god, the God of Zeus. The name of the Olympics was taken from Mount Olympus, which is believed to be the residence of the god Zeus. In the ancient Olympics, participants and spectators were limited to men, because all athletes had to compete with their naked bodies.

Based on the ancient Olympics in Greece, the modern Olympics were formed today. The modern outlook at the Olympics takes many details from the original event and there is much to be learned about culture and how to treat sports. The teacher can direct students to identify the rules and strategies behind the popular ancient Greek game. The teacher must also challenge the spirit of competition and sportsmanship to all students.

Advantages of Online Educational Programs

The growing recognition of online learning has also helped drive expansion, because initial skepticism has been shaken in the face of evidence that shows that online mastery can be as great as face-to-face education. I have taken a lot of experience from this educational method; quite unique because this application is really comfortable and flexible. They provide educational information that will build your company immediately. You will be surprised to learn that some of these online guides are FREE! On the other hand, the certificates obtained have been recognized by all institutions such as educational institutions, hospitals, commercial companies, etc. This means you can rely on online education certificates to get a better career.

All students, from working professionals to recent high school graduates, find many reasons to attend some of their education online. Here are some of the main advantages of online education:

Various programs and courses: From the traditional university that you have taken for four years to a fully online career college, higher education today offers a variety of choices for students. This means that whatever students want to learn, from cooking to rocket science, they can find the online education they need. They can also get every online academic degree, from career certificates to doctorates.

More affordable costs: Online education programs are becoming more affordable choices than traditional tertiary institutions. Although not all online degrees have lower net tuition prices than traditional tertiary institutions, related costs are almost always cheaper. There are no travel costs and also no required course materials such as textbooks because every reading material is provided online for free. Free online courses can help students meet general education requirements easily and without charge.

Comfortable learning environment: Nowadays, advertisements featuring online students studying with their pajamas are becoming popular in describing one of the main benefits of online education. There are no physical class sessions. Lectures and reading material are sent electronically to students, who will then read it and complete the assignment. Students don’t have to fight with traffic, find a parking space, and leave work early to go to class, or spend time with family.

Comfort and flexibility: Online education programs give students the opportunity to plan their study time for the rest of their day, rather than vice versa. Students can study and work when they are at their peak energy, whether it is morning or late at night. The subject matter is always accessible online and asynchronous, so there is no need to schedule special trips to the library too. All of this makes online learning interesting.

Avoid highway traffic: During bad weather, colleges can cancel classes. Also, traffic situations such as in Lagos where I live can cause serious problems for those who attend traditional education. Rather than being late or missing an important class session, students in an online education program can always “attend” by participating on discussion boards or in chat sessions, submitting their work on time, and watching lectures or reading material. Many students also find that the amount they save on fuel costs can be very large if they do not have to go to a physical campus in general, no matter what the weather conditions are.

Improve technical skills: The most basic online education program requires the development of new computer skills, as students learn to navigate various learning management systems (LMS) and programs. The skills students learn to participate in their online courses are translated into many professions, including creating and sharing documents, incorporating audio / video material into your assignments, completing online training sessions, etc.

All of the benefits above are a clear reason for the growth of your education. There are several e-learning institutions today that offer certifications and degrees in modern topics. Online education is a better alternative because you don’t need to leave your business to continue learning.


Guide to Cracking the SAT

SAT test preparation may not produce the desired results if it does not teach you strategies to solve problems in the right way. Most students who take SAT test preparation are quite familiar with the SAT test pattern. Being an expert in one part does not guarantee a good SAT test score. To help in the preparation of your SAT exam, I will share some strategies for conquering the SAT test:

The SAT test, according to many people, brings complicated mathematical problems. This is far from true. If you learn it correctly, in fact, SAT mathematics consists of basic math questions. The SAT does not ask questions from pre-calculus, calculus or trigonometry. This in no way means that you will face a straight forward problem. Most SAT math problems are simple, but are designed in a way that confuses you. Interestingly, the problems you encounter on the SAT will not test your mathematical abilities. They will test your ability to solve several puzzles. Well, actually it’s quite easy, right?

The SAT, as a standard test, will carry similar problems year after year. Therefore, you must be an important part of the SAT test preparation program. Here are some proven strategies to speed up your SAT exam preparation, and help you to take the SAT score as expected.

SAT Study Guide – Test patterns need to be understood to find out the direction of the question model. Remember, understand patterns! If you understand the pattern then you will easily determine the material that must be prepared. How to do it? You need an exam preparation book that has an explanation with answers to all questions. I do not support certain books because I feel that no one can truly meet student requirements.

Read the Preface – I am sure that students have a tendency to skip the Preface from the exam preparation guide. Each book is designed in a certain way. Therefore, it is important to read the introduction and start reading the chapters. Often, the preface will summarize the way you should read a book. Therefore, reading the preface must be an important part of the SAT test preparation plan.

Review Math Fundamentals – Understand basic mathematical concepts correctly. If you have problems remembering basic mathematical formulas, it’s better to go back to the mathematical concepts you learned during middle school. Understand the basics of equations, numbers, real lines, algebra, fractions, ratios, absolute values, and geometry. Stay smart Work is the key!