Daily Archives: March 2, 2020

Health Education Tips for Families

Do you know that one family that always looks healthy and slim? What’s with their lifestyle that you don’t do to keep your family in shape? More often than not, it’s just a matter of having a more comprehensive health education. Here are seven ways you can educate yourself and your family to make health and fitness a priority.

Don’t Starve – Most diets are very strict, and result in people eating less. When you don’t eat properly, your body starts producing the hormone Ghrelin which causes you to become never satisfied hungry. The result is you end up enjoying unhealthy foods when you can eat lots of healthy snacks, like almonds or carrots, all day long.

Work as a Team – In order to get the whole family involved, you need to increase their buy-in. Giving everyone a voice leads to greater participation. Sit down as a family to discuss your lifestyle choices and set some healthy goals you can work towards as a team.

30 Minutes a Day – Try to get 30 minutes of exercise every day, if you can at your home. If you have to drive somewhere to exercise, you make it more difficult on yourself to keep up with it every day. If need be, split up the 30 minutes into two sessions of light, gentle exercise like walking, running, cycling, body weight resistance exercises, and weight training.

Automate Meals – As Americans, we are infamous for skipping the most important meal of the day. The reason breakfast is so important is because it is the first thing you have eaten in 8-9 hours, and determines your hunger levels throughout the whole day. Instead, pick a few staples for breakfast and lunch that are quick and easy, and eat those every day. Use dinner as your meal to get creative.

Be The Decision – Maker – When it comes to food, whatever you buy your children will eat. If you buy them chips and cookies, they (and probably you, too) will eat them. After this, if you try to restrict them, it will cause them to crave those unhealthy foods even more. Instead, avoid bringing those foods into the house to begin with. Keep fresh fruit and vegetables chopped in the refrigerator, and have nuts, pretzels, and other wholesome snacks on hand.

Play Together – An important part of your exercise regime, should be pure, unadulterated play. Whether that means putting on music and dancing around, kicking a soccer ball around, rough-housing or anything that brings out your inner child.

Eat Dinner Together – The simple ritual of sitting together as a family for dinner places priority on proper nutrition and eating habits in your family’s values. In addition, this simple act has been proven to improve parent-child relationships, and improve academic performance.