Guide to Cracking the SAT

SAT test preparation may not produce the desired results if it does not teach you strategies to solve problems in the right way. Most students who take SAT test preparation are quite familiar with the SAT test pattern. Being an expert in one part does not guarantee a good SAT test score. To help in the preparation of your SAT exam, I will share some strategies for conquering the SAT test:

The SAT test, according to many people, brings complicated mathematical problems. This is far from true. If you learn it correctly, in fact, SAT mathematics consists of basic math questions. The SAT does not ask questions from pre-calculus, calculus or trigonometry. This in no way means that you will face a straight forward problem. Most SAT math problems are simple, but are designed in a way that confuses you. Interestingly, the problems you encounter on the SAT will not test your mathematical abilities. They will test your ability to solve several puzzles. Well, actually it’s quite easy, right?

The SAT, as a standard test, will carry similar problems year after year. Therefore, you must be an important part of the SAT test preparation program. Here are some proven strategies to speed up your SAT exam preparation, and help you to take the SAT score as expected.

SAT Study Guide – Test patterns need to be understood to find out the direction of the question model. Remember, understand patterns! If you understand the pattern then you will easily determine the material that must be prepared. How to do it? You need an exam preparation book that has an explanation with answers to all questions. I do not support certain books because I feel that no one can truly meet student requirements.

Read the Preface – I am sure that students have a tendency to skip the Preface from the exam preparation guide. Each book is designed in a certain way. Therefore, it is important to read the introduction and start reading the chapters. Often, the preface will summarize the way you should read a book. Therefore, reading the preface must be an important part of the SAT test preparation plan.

Review Math Fundamentals – Understand basic mathematical concepts correctly. If you have problems remembering basic mathematical formulas, it’s better to go back to the mathematical concepts you learned during middle school. Understand the basics of equations, numbers, real lines, algebra, fractions, ratios, absolute values, and geometry. Stay smart Work is the key!